In the last few years, the wealth management industry has dramatically changed as part of the expertise moved from banks to small independent asset managers, family offices and small financial institutions. Those professionals were in need of software that would help them better manage and/or supervise the assets of their clients without investing into a full-fledged banking package.

DAPM SA in Geneva Switzerland, founded in 2002 by three investment professionals, is such a company. Its name stands for Dynamic Asset and Performance Monitoring Its activities lie mainly in the consolidation of clients’ assets for reporting purposes.

As most available software in the market were either too expensive and/or not flexible enough, DAPM decided to develop its own. To that end the HORIZON project came to life, with offices in Geneva and Eastern Europe.

Qness Software is the next step. It coordinates the Horizon project and will lead future developments. Facing an ever increasing growth in manpower requirement, the Company has set-up an office in Bangalore. The plan is to build a massive presence in India which will become the headquarters of the Qness brand.